What Type of Affiliate Marketing Networker Are You?

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Are you destined to make $0K, $5K or $100K Per Month?
Would you agree that all of us today...have the same opportunity to make money in the Affiliate Marketing industry?

Your mindset determines your success. This is NOT just some "theory" either. It's been proven over and over in our industry.

Mindset comes before Success. Do you ever wonder why people that are successful are so positive and excited? The untrained observer might say that of course they are "positive and excited" they are making $100K per month. But, in reality, in order to achieve that level of success they needed to be positive and excited when the times were tough and their paycheck was $0K.

There are 3 different types of people in the Affiliate Marketing industry:

$0K or losing money EARNERS
$5K - $10K/Month EARNERS
$100K/Month EARNERS

Why then if the opportunity is the SAME, do some people make 0, some make $5-10K and some a Million Dollar Earners?

The difference is in the approach to the business.

0K or losing money EARNERS:
• I hope this works for me.
• I need this to work because I always lose money.
• Do you think I can make money with this?
• I hope this isn't a scam.
• How much do I have to pay?
• How long will it take to make any money?

$5K - $10K/Month EARNERS
• I'm going to make this work for me
• I know it can work
• I wonder how much I can make with this
• How much can I make with this?

$100K/Month EARNERS
• What's the best way to help others make money with this?
• How can I create a successful team in this?
• How can I best capitalize on this opportunity?

Law of Averages:
Even if you are struggling with your mindset, continue to work on it okay. In the meantime, we can always make up in numbers what you lack in skill or mindset.

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What Type of Affiliate Marketing Networker Are You?

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What Type of Affiliate Marketing Networker Are You?

This article was published on 2012/05/18