Make Money in a Down Economy

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Times are tough but people are still buying. As long as there is money to spend there will be people spending that money. No matter where you are in your finances right now there are ways to make money even during tough times.

Tips to Make Money

1. Make money with the extras that you have. Grow a garden and sell the extras at the Farmer's Market. Divide the plants in your flower garden and sell the extras. Rent out space in your vegetable garden for others that desire to grow their own veggies but have either no space to plant or not time or desire to prepare a space.

2. Have a yard sale or go to an auction and sell all of those things that you don't need, use or truly love. Maybe you get all the money that you want from the item and maybe you only get a bit of it. But some of something is a lot more than all of nothing.

3. Use what you have. Open your garden or yard for receptions or parties or photo shoots. People are always looking for some place a little unusual to host events.

4. Do what you are good at or those things that you enjoy. Not everyone can organize a closet or clean a home from top to bottom. Some people don't have the knowledge of how to complete the task and some people don't have the desire. Both of these categories will pay someone else to do those jobs that they can't or won't do.

5. Rent your extra space. Everyone is downsizing and some people are looking for a space to store extra belongings or looking for rooms to rent. If you have an area that might fit these needs then consider looking for someone to rent the extra space that you have. Be sure to have a contract so that both parties will be protected.

The best way to make money during anytime is to think outside of the box. Either find a need that isn't currently being met and meet it or else find a better way to meet the needs that are already being met. Times may be tough, but you can still make money in this down economy without having to have money to get started.

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Make Money in a Down Economy

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This article was published on 2010/04/03